Orthopedic Dysfunction

TMJ Dysfunction

Is Your TMJ Disorder Causing Orthopedic Pain?

TMJ related orthopedic dysfunction refers to a condition involving the temporomandibular joint and the surrounding structures, which can lead to various musculoskeletal problems. The temporomandibular joint connects your jawbone to your skull and allows you to open and close your mouth, chew, speak, and perform other essential functions. When this joint and the surrounding muscles, ligaments, and bones experience dysfunction, it can result in a range of symptoms and orthopedic issues.

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The TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of New Hampshire team focuses on the treatment of TMJ disorders and related orthopedic dysfunction, particularly those related to sleep issues. Our team provides a comprehensive assessment and will design a treatment plan tailored to your needs, with the goal of improving TMJ-related orthopedic dysfunction and associated symptoms. When you visit our centre, you can expect the finest care, including:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Customized Treatment Plan
  • Orthopedic Appliances
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Patient Education
  • Collaborative Care
  • Long-Term Monitoring
Orthopedic Dysfunction Relief

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