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If you suffer from frequent and painful migraines, it is important to know if they are caused by TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder. This is an issue that affects both the jaw muscles and joints, resulting in severe pain when triggered. You may experience facial tenderness and muscle spasms, as well as headaches in your temples and around your eyes. In some cases, these can be so debilitating that they require a visit to a doctor who specializes in TMJ treatment. TMJ-related migraines can be among some of the most painful and disruptive migraine types. This type of migraine is caused by trigeminal nerve irritation which is often associated with TMJ disorder. The symptoms of these migraines may range from dull pressure around the face, neck, and ears to intense headaches accompanied by facial pain, tenderness, or swelling. If left untreated, these migraines can recur frequently and disrupt one’s lifestyle.

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At TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of New Hampshire, you can find the expert care and diagnosis you need to effectively treat TMJ-related migraines. Our team of highly trained and certified professionals prides itself on providing patients with truly personalized treatment plans that are designed to fit their exact needs. Every patient will benefit from a comprehensive evaluation and consultation to determine the most effective treatment options– so that each headache is quickly identified, addressed and relieved. Whether you’re in need of specialized physical therapy, adjunctive treatments, or oral-appliance therapy for long-term relief; at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of New Hampshire you can trust in receiving superior care from experienced professionals who truly understand your chronic migraine condition and work to ensure that you’re taken care of with the utmost compassion.

Migraine Relief

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