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At TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of New Hampshire, our team is dedicated to easing your ability to breathe, sleep, heal, and live. Our practice is one of a small number in the New Hampshire area that focuses exclusively on treatment for TMJ, sleep disorders, craniofacial and headache pain. We are part of a global organization that has been proven to improve the life expectancy and quality of life of its patients.

We can assure you that we have the training and experience that is required to meet your TMJ pain relief and sleep quality goals. Our treatment techniques cover areas such as nutrition, orthopedic appliances, and non-surgical therapies. Dr. Meyer and her team will investigate and diagnose the root cause of your symptoms and treat them.

TMJ Sleep Apnea

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be debilitating, hindering the ability to go about life as usual. It can manifest in many different ways, such as disabling headaches, migraines, jaw muscle soreness and locking of the jaw joint

Jaw Clenching

A common medical issue for millions of people around the world, jaw clenching is characterized by involuntary grinding and clenching of the teeth which can cause varying levels of discomfort to those affected.

Laser Therapy

This innovative treatment helps to reduce pain, inflammation, and the clicking sound that is associated with TMJ. Through the use of light energy in the form of lasers, the muscles around your jaw can be stimulated and improve mobility.

Migraine Relief

If you suffer from frequent and painful migraines, it is important to know if they are caused by a TMJ disorder. You may experience facial tenderness and muscle spasms, as well as headaches in your temples and around your eyes.

Orthopedic Dysfunction

A condition that results from damage to the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, or ligaments. It can result from degenerative changes such as osteoarthritis or wear and tear on the joints.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

TMJ-related sleep apnea is a disorder that can have severe impacts on a person’s health. It’s due to the interference with airway pathways during sleep, leading to pauses in breathing and inadequate oxygen intake.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is a common dental issue relating to TMJ, which can cause significant damage to the teeth and gums. It usually occurs unconsciously during sleep and is often caused by stress or anxiety. 


Snoring can lead to sleep deprivation, which can in turn cause daytime fatigue, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. In severe cases, it can even contribute to accidents.

Your TMJ & Dental Sleep Medicine Specialists

Dr. Kimberly Meyer has years of experience with TMJ and sleep therapy treatment and will use her knowledge to give you the highest quality of care. At our practice, our work is so comprehensive that we cannot do it alone, therefore, we collaborate with primary care doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists, and sleep labs to achieve the common goal of improving your lifestyle. Call us today to discover how we can improve your quality of life.


Providing Non-Surgical Therapies | Restoring Quality of Life

At the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of New Hampshire we understand the unique complexities of sleep-related breathing disorders and craniofacial pain.  Do you have TMJ pain or dysfunctions? Patients often experience facial neuralgia and musculoskeletal pain in conjunction with headaches or migraines.

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following?




Jaw Clenching


Grinding Teeth


Morning Headaches



Any of the above could be a sign of sleep-related breathing disorders and should be evaluated promptly.

Our Mission:

We will partner with you to understand your unique health needs. Our goal is to go above and beyond to provide pain relief and ideal structural stability so our patients can breathe, sleep, heal and live a quality life.

Smiling Patient

Our Mission:

We will partner with you to understand your unique health needs. Our goal is to go above and beyond to provide pain relief and ideal structural stability so our patients can breathe, sleep, heal and live a quality life.

TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of New Hampshire

About Us

Proper Diagnosis and Emphasis on Origin is Key to Successful Treatment

We provide comprehensive evaluations using the latest technologies to properly diagnose your condition. Through a thorough examination in which we evaluate structural injuries, systemic inflammatory conditions, and breathing obstructions, we can determine the cause of your pain or sleep TMJ dysfunction and direct appropriate treatments.

The goals in treatment are to rehabilitate injured structures, restore orthopedic function, and improve symptoms with long-term stabilization through both a structural and functional approach. Rather than treating symptoms, we address the underlying pathology to return you to a pain-free and well-rested life.

There is a strong relationship between temporomandibular joint dysfunction, headaches, sleep, and breathing. All must be evaluated and addressed in order to achieve the maximum therapeutic result.

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